Berghaus Freeflow 35 Rucksack

Berghaus Freeflow 35 Rucksack

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OutdoorGear UK 18/10/2021
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Fully loaded and ready to go the Berghaus Freeflow 35 Rucksack is the perfect pack for day hikes or multi-day adventures The Freeflow 35 rucksack keeps you cooler and more comfortable than ever with a unique new back design that maximises airflow and comfort and reduces the build-up of heat and sweat The innovative design ensures minimal contact between the pack and your back allowing significantly more air to flow and keeping your back cooler than a close-fitting rucksack So you stay cool and dry - free to enjoy your day without distraction

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Berghaus Freeflow 35 Rucksack from OutdoorGear UK

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